Machi Koro, the game

Earlier this week the wife and spawn and I got to spend some time at the game center. I’ve been wanting to try the game Machi Koro for a while, so before we left, I watched a quick YouTube tutorial on the game so that we could give it a try.

It’s a simple card game where you are attempting to build four landmark structures in your city before your opponents. It combines some elements of deck building, where you purchase establishment cards from a central store, but unlike deck builders, the cards become part of your city on every play going forward. Players roll dice to see which cards take effect on their turns, and sometimes this means that another player’s roll can benefit you. As you build all of your establishments, the gold starts flowing fast and furious.

Eventually, you build up your establishments to the point where you’re collecting enough gold to build the 4 key landmarks that win the game for you. The first person to build all four of the landmarks wins. It’s a fun and quick game, and we picked it up really easily tonight, and had a great time. If you want to learn how to play it, I’d suggest this Watch it Played video, as it gave me the quick tutorial that helped us jump right into playing.


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