Waiting for rain

Today is one of most humid days of the summer so far. I went out for a short two mile run to earn a bit of beer with my dinner, and my heart rate never got below 160. It was hot, sweaty and brutal, even for just a couple miles. I finished my run and immediately jumped into my 22 push-ups of the day before cooling down. Overall, a really tough ~25 minutes on a summer afternoon.

One of the things I love about hot summer days however, is that they usually end with a nice heavy rainstorm. When you have air this thick and heavy the atmosphere just doesn’t seem to be able to hold it in, and the evening is filled with cooling rain. I looked at the weather when I got inside, and saw all kinds of warning about tornadoes and thunderstorms. Yet, when I looked at the radar, all of it was moving north of us.

There’s still a very good chance that we’ll get rain sometime tonight, but it’s a bit disappointing, when you’re all set for a nice soaking, only to be let down.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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