Finally got to play Overwatch

Now that my iMac is all upgraded with a nice SSD, I decided to toss Windows on a small partition and try out Overwatch, the newest property from Blizzard. Since I already have a account it was a simple installation (once I had purchased the game). Thankfully my iMac has enough power to run the game pretty well, at least at a moderate level of graphic detail.

For those who haven’t heard of Overwatch it is a team based multiplayer, first person shooter, with character classes. This means that players pick characters who have different abilities based on their class; offence, defense, support and tank. Each class has a role in the map, and each of the different characters in the class have their own unique strengths. This is basically a new take on Team Fortress 2, another team based FPS, but with Blizzard’s unique spin and storytelling (just backstory for this game).

I played a bit of offence and support, and had a pretty fun time doing so. In particular the support class is a lot of fun, and I loved popping down a turret and keeping it repaired as it tore through the attacking enemies. The game play is smooth and easy to pick up if you’ve ever played a multiplayer shooter before. There are some characters that are a bit out of balance, but I’m sure that will get patched at some point in the future. Overall, it’s a great addition to the genre and Blizzard did an excellent job creating a refined product that is fun to play and can be expanded on in the future to keep people interested.


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