St. James Cathedral, Seattle, WA

One of the things that I love photographing is beautiful architecture. While I was on my Seattle trip I decided that I would like to make a habit of photographing any cathedrals in towns I’m staying in. I think this would be a really fun way to create memories of places I visit, and allow me to stretch my creative eye just a little bit.

For my first cathedral in this series, I would like to present my album from St. James Cathedral in downtown Seattle. Built in 1907 the structure originally had a dome. However, that dome collapsed in 1916, and was never rebuilt. In 1994 the church underwent another major renovation with the movement of the altar from the east end of the building, to the center crossing, and a skylight was installed over the altar (history from cathedral website).

I personally loved the skylight, and felt it gave a really beautiful feel to the space. Below are some of my favorite shots from the visit.


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