Seattle Trip 2016: Day 9

Our final day in Seattle was the day we said goodbye. We awoke early in Port Angeles and packed up the car for the long drive to the airport. Originally we had planned to take the Bainbridge Island Ferry across to Seattle, but upon further research it appeared that it gets quite busy on weekday mornings, and might take quite a while to get across. Since we had a plane to catch I didn’t want to do anything that could cause us major delays, so we opted for the land route down through Tacoma.

Traffic was pretty light the entire way, and only a few slowdowns in Tacoma. I wanted to bring back some Seattle beer, and so before we drove to the airport we stopped at a liquor store and got a few different individual beers to bring back with us. Once we had everything packed away, we returned the rental car and made our way to the TSA security line.

Thankfully, the line was very light, and this time they didn’t even require us to take off our shoes. I was really concerned that with a one-way ticket we would get singled out for additional security. We zipped through the line in 5 minutes and were in the terminal about two hours before boarding time. We got some brunch and then hit a “Made in Washington” store for a few souvenirs for the boys.

Since this was a belated honeymoon I sprung for the first class tickets, and we were boarded and I was enjoying a glass of wine in no time. The flight was very smooth and uneventful, which is the way you want your plane rides. There was one moment though when we were both very confused. We watched as we passed by the airport to swing around and land from the east. However, when we descended through a cloud bank we couldn’t tell that we turned. So when we came out of the clouds and started descending we started wondering if we were landing somewhere in Wisconsin for some reason. Of course we weren’t, and we had simply turned gently and hadn’t noticed it, but it caused a bit of a double take.

We’re home safe now, and getting unpacked and ready for jumping into life tomorrow. It was an amazing vacation, and I’ll have a lot more to say about the Pacific NW at some point in the future. For now, I need to get my body back on Central time.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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