Beer in Delano

Today the wife and I headed out of town, straight west to the city of Delano. This is a small city about 30 minutes outside of the metro area, and despite its size it supports two different breweries; Lupine Brewing and South Fork Brewing. After a small breakfast at a small bistro we walked through the small downtown to the first of the two.

At South Fork they had a standard flight which included 6 beers. One of the more unique ones was a cream ale that was infused with blueberries. To top it off they added a few real blueberries into the beer. Because of the CO2, the blueberries danced around the glass, rising and falling randomly. It added a fun aspect to the beer, which already had a nice flavor. The other standout on the flight was a stout on nitro, that had some slight fruity overtones. The brewers happened to be there working on another batch of their blueberry cream ale, so I mentioned to them that those blueberries would work great in the stout.

We then proceeded around the block to Lupine Brewing and were greeted with a bowl of pretzels, and I ordered up another flight. I’ve had Lupine before on tap at local restaurants, but I was able to pick out some other beers that I haven’t tried. One of the more unique ones on this flight was called “UnCayndness” (pronounced unkindness), a chocolate and cayenne pepper beer. The beer was brewed well, and the flavor combination was really unique. It just didn’t appeal to me as much as I think it would to some other people I know.

After downing that much beer it was time for my wife to drive me home. We had a great time at these two places, and it was very cool that they were both tucked into this quaint rural downtown. My wife and I had fun playing Scrabble at Lupine, and we even ran into some other running folks who participate in some of the local trail races as well. Was a nice way to end the weekend.



Beer, running, and geeky things.

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