Bachelor update week 1

I made my decision for how to spend my time while my wife was gone, and it involved starting to play Pokemon and watching 3 different TV shows. I decided to play Pokemon instead of WoW because it’s easy to watch TV at the same time as I’m playing on a little handheld and battling pocket monsters.

I picked up Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and since I’ve already played Ruby on an emulator I was very familiar with the game. I’ve managed to beat about a third of the gyms so far, and I’ve got a pretty decent team going. My biggest problem with these games is not wanting to collect every Pokemon I come across. I’m certainly someone who can “collect em all”, but I think my best bet is to get through the game play first with a good team, and then I can go back and start some collection runs.

I’m in the third season of Walking Dead, and the only thing I have to say (without spoiling anything for people who haven’t seen it) is… Holy crap… Carl….

I’m still working through season one of Arrow, and more and more of his time on the island is being revealed. The characters are also starting to establish themselves and I can see how some of them end up joining the eventual Team Arrow. The acting is sometimes a little cringe-worthy, and I wish they had chosen a less pretty-boy character for Arrow, but I’m having fun. I always watch Walking Dead first so I can sleep at night, and Arrow and the next show I watch help to get my mind going in a different direction.

Finally I’m watching Rebels and really enjoying it. I love seeing a large world expanded and explained, apart from the main storylines. Getting to see how some of the galaxy worked between the movies is a lot of fun, and the stories have been mostly engaging so far.

So that’s what I’m doing with my ‘me’ time, well, except my step-son watches with me while he plays his games. One week down, so far so good!


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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