Road Construction Season

The old worn out phrase in the Twin Cities is that there are two seasons, Winter and Road Construction. Today was the start of the non-Winter season. I headed out for work and tried to take my normal route into the downtown. Normally there’s a slight backup, but it’s not that bad, and traffic eventually keeps flowing at a smooth rate. Today, however, it was a complete stop. It took me 15 minutes to go a quarter mile.

It was at this point I veered off and hit three cloverleafs to make what was ostensibly is a right-hand turn, and take an alternate route. I found the other route to be quite free flowing, assumedly because everyone was stuck on the main route. Once I committed this other path I was to work in decent time.

I know that all of this construction will make life easier for all of us, but it’s certainly hard when it comes up so quickly, and forces a complete re-route to daily routines. Guess it’s time to start hitting up the alternate routes on a regular basis.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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