Small is the big thing

On Monday Apple announced it’s latest iPhone, and it’s returned to its 4 inch roots. The new iPhone SE is the same form factor as the old iPhone 5/5s, yet it’s packed with the power of the 6s, the latest and greatest phone from Apple.

This is the first time in a few years where Apple’s 4 inch phone has the same specs as it’s higher end phones. Ever since Apple decided to go big or go home, the smaller phone world has been left lacking. It finally seems that the pendulum is swinging back again though, with an acknowledgement that smaller phones are actually wanted by many people.

The other aspect I’ve heard a lot about in this announcement, is how this phone will affect the markets in India and China. Smaller, less expensive phones are very popular in developing markets, where the costs can be contained. The iPhone 5c didn’t go over very well, but that’s because the plastic body gave people the impression that the ‘c’ stood for “cheap”. The iPhone SE is all metal, and feels like the 5s, which was a premium phone.

Apple’s product line continues to diversify, and that may be a problem in the future. It’s getting harder and harder to tell what device does what. There was a new 10″ iPad today as well, and it threw another SKU into the mix that could be hard for consumers to understand how it fits. Hopefully, in the next 6-9 months Apple can streamline their product offerings to make it clearer to the consumer what they really have to offer.

I’m just happy that if my iPhone 5s dies I have another option that is smaller and fits my hands better.


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