End of the Mythbusting era

This weekend was the finale of the final season of Mythbusters. I discovered Mythbusters shortly after getting divorced. I had heard a few things about it previously, but finally decided to sit down with the kids and watch some of the episodes on Netflix. Once we had caught up on them I started purchasing the recent seasons, and the show became a new tradition with my new wife, as well as my kids.

The show was obviously starting to wane, evidenced by the exit of three of the stars before last season, and so when this year was announced to be the final season I wasn’t too surprised. What was a nice surprise was how much fun the final season was. It was obvious that Jamie and Adam were having a great time with what they knew was their last episodes. There were plenty of off color jokes, and profanity, that really gave the feeling that these were two guys just trying to live it up in their last days before their job ran out.

The myths on the final season were also big and bold and often spectacular to watch. In particular I loved the episode where they tried to crush a tanker car with nothing but vacuum pressure. These and other spectacular experiments made the final season a great joy to watch, and even re-watch.

Saturday it all came to an end, with a wonderful finale that showcased many of the props from years gone by. What was even more touching was the reunion show that followed it, where the 5 mythbusters (Tori, Grant and Kari returned) sat around a table and reminisced. It was an emotional show even for the viewers.

Mythbusters was an amazing testament to science and engineering and creativity. It left its mark on our culture, showing people that science could be cool. It brought the art of building things out into the open in a way that it never had been before. I would even hazard to say that Mythbusters was one of the components of the geek renaissance that we currently see in popular culture.

I will miss Mythbusters, and all that it brought to my life. It was a great memory of a time of transition in my life, but it’s stayed with me for many years since. I hope to see more of what Adam and Jamie do in the future, and am tremendously thankful for all that Mythbusters has left behind.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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