Bustin ghosts again

The world was treated today, to the new Ghostbusters relaunch trailer. This all-female team of paranormal warriors is set to take on the new era of ghostbusting in New York. The trailer was filled with moments of nostalgia, and scenes of classic equipment. Even when something wasn’t an exact copy of the 1984 movie, it hearkened back to it. For example the hearse style car being used for transporting the team around.

As someone who grew up watching the classic Ghostbusters over and over again on cable, there’s a part of me that wishes they would have just left it alone. There was such great comedy in the first movie, that nothing today could really capture it the same way. Yet, that’s probably good, since the comedy of 1984 just isn’t as appealing to newer audiences. The comedians in the new Ghostbusters are fun actors who can make people laugh, but it’s certainly not going to feel the way that the old movie felt.

Maybe that’s for the best. Perhaps if this movie can distance itself enough from the past film it will have a much better chance of success. The trailer has already showcased how incredibly advanced that visual effects have become since 1984, with amazing ghosts walking around the real world. I hope that the new ghostbusters can make their own path in the world, and maybe that will help bring people like myself, who grew up on the original, over to the new movie’s side.

Not sure if I’ll splurge for it in the theater or just wait for a rental, but I know I’ll see it eventually. If they can strike the right balance of nostalgia yet independence, this could be a really fun film.


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