Norseman Distillery Cocktail Room

In the last legislative session in Minnesota, there was a tiny ray of hope that our state can make some progress when it comes to silly alcohol restrictions (like Sunday Sales). In the liquor bill, they added language that allowed for craft distilleries to have their own cocktail rooms. This change means that distilleries can now operate similar to a brewery and serve their own product on site, direct to the consumer.

Last night my wife and a few friends and I headed down to the new Norseman Distillery Cocktail room to sample what they had. The place is in an old brick warehouse and it feels very warm and homey. They provide table service, so you simply walk in and find a place to sit. Although Wednesday night was a bit light for traffic, the past weekend was apparently wall-to-wall people.


When you sit down the server brings you out some water and an amuse-bouche. The amuse-bouche changes nearly every day, so you never know what you’ll get. Wednesday night was a very simple gin and lemon seltzer that tasted amazing. The rest of the menu is a selection of drinks that feature the distillery’s signature rum, vodka, and gin. I ordered a drink called a Hoover, which contained rum, fortified wine, and orange. It was a really great drink, with an aroma that was out of this world.

They also offer a simple cheese pizza if you need some food, as well as a selection of “driver drinks”. Since we had plans for afterwards, I just had one drink this time, but I saw a few others on the menu that also intrigued me. I’ve always been more of a beer guy, but with a cool environment, and creative flavors like you find at a cocktail room, I could certainly find myself being a repeat visitor to Norseman.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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