Bonding weekend

This past weekend my wife and I got a bit more caught up on the James Bond movie series. We had both seen Casino Royale many years ago, but hadn’t bothered watching any of the newer flicks. Since we had a weekend together without any kids around, we decided to watch Quantum of Solace on Saturday, and Skyfall on Sunday.

Bond films are easy to enjoy. They are very formulaic, with your traditional car chases, plane chases, motorcycle chases, boat chases, and foot chases (at one point we really hoped they’d throw in a camel or llama chase, but alas it was not to be), all wrapped around Bond sleeping around and cheating death at every occasion. This simple formula is what makes Bond fun. You pretty much know what’s going to happen in every movie, but it’s the spectacle of getting there that makes the journey enjoyable.

Both Quantum and Skyfall were decent Bond movies, and I enjoyed the fact that there was a thread of a larger plot that was carrying through all of them. It makes the Bond world feel bigger and more alive to know that there’s more than just an episodic nature to the story.

We still need to rent Spectre, and from what I’ve heard, it very well could be Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie. The transitioning from one Bond to another is also a fun aspect of these movies. Every actor who has played Bond has brought something very unique and different to the role. Daniel Craig brought a rough and damaged Bond to life on the screen. He was a human Bond; one who struggles with what it means to live on the edge of death all the time. I’m sure whoever plays Bond next will bring yet another aspect to the character, contributing to the tapestry of a complex role.

Not sure when we’ll get around to the final movie, perhaps later this week, but for now I can say that I’ve enjoyed my weekend of Bonding.



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