Quick Review: Moon

Pretty much ever since we’ve been together, my wife has suggested I watch the movie Moon. It’s the story of a solitary astronaut who works on the moon harvesting clean energy for Earth. He’s a couple weeks away from the end of his three year contract, and excited to get going home. However, things take a twist that leaves his future irrevocably changed.

There are some major plot twists in this movie, that if I give any more detail than that will spoil everything. Suffice it to say it’s not a major mind-job like some other movies, but the twists are entertaining and really get you thinking. I managed to figure out the twists pretty early in the movie, but what was more interesting was some of the subtexts of the film.

In particular, the view of how work is performed, and what humans are willing to do to get a job done. When we meet our hero he’s at the end of a three year contract. Three years of working alone in space, doing everything he can to help provide for people on Earth. He expresses his frustration with being alone, and how much of his family’s life he’s missed. Yet, there’s a sense of pride in coming to the end of his duty shift. As the plot unfolds, these questions about work take on new meanings.

One thing I can openly say is that Sam Rockwell did an amazing job in this film. It takes very talented actors to hold up a movie as the only character. His portrayal of a lonely astronaut on the moon was well executed, and you can’t help but sympathize for this man who has been left alone far too long. He does have a computer to have conversations with, but it’s really a one-man show, and very well done.

Overall, it was well worth the price of a rental, and I enjoyed finally seeing a movie that my wife has talked about for a long time.


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