Yesterday I discovered a game on sale in the app store called Fiz. It’s a brewery management game for mobile devices, and I’ve been having a really fun time with it.

The object of the game is that you are an avid homebrewer and you’re building yourself into a full fledged brewery. It’s obvious that the creators of this game understand the whole brewing process, as much of what happens in the game is accurate to some degree. Of course, this is a game and so things can’t be perfect, but the general concepts all hold mostly true.

The game has a few different areas that you need to focus on. The first is brewing your beer. You need to slowly build up your equipment, your staff, and develop your skills as a brewer to produce beer with higher, and higher quality ratings. Then you need to turn to the marketing side where you need to package and sell your beer to stores and bars to make money, to make more beer.

The selling aspect is probably the more challenging part as you need to do market research and target your beers to those establishments that are interested in certain flavors. If a particular bar is frequented by people who love IPAs you need to make sure to send them only IPAs and price them to make a profit, but not too expensive. Customers give feedback so you can tweak your planning in the future.

Slowly, you’ll be given achievements, and can participate in special events that launch you even further and further into a full fledged brewery. I’ve managed a few hours on the game so far and it’s a really fun way to spend an afternoon.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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