Quick Review: Ant-Man

Tonight the family all sat down to finally watch Ant-Man. It was released recently for rent on iTunes and since we had a full-house of kids tonight, it seemed like a good activity.

I didn’t know much about what to expect going into this film, except that it was a touted as being a bit more light-hearted than other comic book films. I can comfortably say that the added humor element was a ton of fun for all of us. The comedy wasn’t the focus of the film, and it was never very over-the-top, but it really gave this flick a wonderfully different feel than movies like Avengers.

Beyond the humor, the special effects in this film were really quite well done, and I felt that they captured the ‘shrunken world’ quite well. More importantly I think they managed to make those rapid transitions, between normal and ant size, feel somewhat natural, and not as disruptive as they could have been.

The story was what you would expect from a comic book film, and my only real complaint was in some of the motivations of one of the primary characters. I won’t give away any spoilers, but at one point in the film there is a big reveal about a past event, and I was left wondering why in the world anyone would have not bothered to have mentioned that sooner.

Overall, we had a great time and I loved the nods to the rest of the Marvel Universe that were thrown in as well. I think this movie stands up well right along side the other MCU movies and was well worth the price of a rental.


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