Quick thoughts on iOS 9

Last week the iOS 9 install landed on my devices and I’ve had some time to play with it. Overall, this is a very minor update, and I didn’t even notice much of a visual change when I started using the phone again after the update. There are changes, for sure, but it certainly feels more like an iterative upgrade, and not a revolutionary one.

One of the first things that I noticed after updating is the new application switcher layout. Previously, iOS borrowed heavily from the old Palm webOS with a carousel of application windows that you flick off the top of the screen. The flicking motion is still there, but the visual is more in-line with a stack of cards that you’re thumbing through than a rotating series of apps.

Swiping left from the main screen brings up yet another change. The home screen not contains many more frequently used apps and contacts, as well as quick links to find things like food and coffee nearby. There is a news widget at the bottom that comes by default, but honestly I haven’t bothered looking at it.

The other change that I noticed, and went seeking, is the new battery information panel, where you can get more insight into which apps are causing your phone battery issues. I’ve found this insight to be really helpful, and shows me pretty quickly if an application is running away in a loop.

There are more changes for sure, and I haven’t gotten a chance to play with some of the new tablet features yet, but these three are ones that caught my eye right from the start. Overall, I’m happy with the upgrade, and hope that it continues to work solidly into the future.


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