Mankato Brewery

Yesterday, after our long run, we decided to hit Mankato Brewery for a quick taste of what they have to offer. My wife and I were both pretty tired from our running adventure, so we didn’t plan a long stay, but it was a nice cap to our traveling.

Mankato Brewery is housed in an industrial building on the north side of the city. The tasting room is a small area on one side, with access to a nice patio. I ordered up a flight of four beers, and my wife ordered a root beer, since she doesn’t drink. I have had the Organ Grinder Amber Ale in the past, so I select four other beers from their menu to try; their IPA, APA, Summer Ale, and their lager.

The IPA is pretty decent, and was pleasant to drink. The hop profile was closer to earthy than citrus, but it was mostly well balanced. I moved on to the Pale Ale, and found my disappointment of the flight. The APA was dank and dirty tasting with a weird harsh flavor on the finish. I almost didn’t even finish the flight sample.

Things for a million times better with the Summer Ale. This was a very nice wheat ale that was very refreshing and clean. I could certainly find myself ordering up a full pint of that sometime. I finished off with their Kato Lager. The lager was satisfying and clean, but for the most part it was a standard fare for a light lager. I’m not complaining about that, it’s nice to have a well made beer no matter what style.

After sampling the four beers we decided to head out. We were both crashing hard and still had a long drive ahead of us. If you’re in the Mankato area it’s worth stopping at Mankato Brewery. The environment is clean and nice and the beers are mostly all well done.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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