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I’m an avid user of GPS devices to track my fitness activity. I’ve used GPS watches for many years after upgrading from my phone GPS. I’ve always loved the fact that with a GPS device I can ‘prove’ that I actually did the run I said I did. Well, at least I can prove it to myself.

I also like to GPS my bike rides, and for a long time I’ve used my phone to track my bike riding. In the past I’ve also tried using my watch to track my biking, however because of the uploading workflow that I use, I don’t like to use the same device that I use for running, for biking. My workflow is set up so that I simply attach my watch to my computer and it auto uploads to Garmin, which then pushes my workout down to multiple other fitness sites. Because it comes from a running watch, all of these sites assume that I just did a run, and not a bike ride. Going back after the fact involves visiting multiple sites to manually update the workout type and calorie data.

So lately I’ve been considering getting a GPS device that is dedicated to biking. I’ve been looking around at different options, and today just discovered that Garmin has released two new bike computers targeted at the more casual market, the Garmin Edge 20 and 25. These small units are basic devices that deliver simple GPS functionality without all the extra bells and whistles that come with some of Garmin’s higher end bike computers, at a reasonable price.

My next stop tonight is to read through the dcrainmaker review. This might be a likely purchase in the near future to help me with my workflow problem and give me better tracking of my cycling data. If I do purchase it I’ll be sure to post a review here about my experiences.


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