Quick Review: Stealth Inc 2

(This was supposed to post last night… oh well, guess there will be two today)

The other week I picked up a Humble Bundle of indie Nintendo games, mostly for my youngest kid. However, there was one game in the mix that I wanted to try myself, and that was Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones. Stealth Inc 2 combines the humor and puzzle solving of portal, with a traditional side scroller. The humor is cute and slightly dark at well placed moments, and you get a similar sense to Portal that you’re just a pawn in someone else’s game, despite the freedom to go where you want.

Gameplay is simple and easy. You can jump, duck and activate various switches and computers to complete tests. The environment is meant to test your abilities, and there are some puzzles that have a slight frustration factor before you can figure out the pattern. Movement is fluid and the graphics are well done, with fun little addons like the ability to customize your clone so he stands out with costumes.

I only had time to play through a handful of the first puzzles last night, but what I’ve played has been fun and entertaining. Certainly a fun game to have in the collection.


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