Quick review: Harry’s Razors

As most people can guess, I’m not naturally bald, so numerous times every week I shave my head with a standard razor. For many years I’ve used the Gillette Mach 3 and Fusion razors. These razors aren’t cheap however, and I’ve been eyeing some of the new razor offers out there on the internet from other companies. A week ago I decided to take the plunge with Harry’s.

Yesterday the $15 package arrived with 2 extra blades and some shaving cream. This morning I took it for a test drive. Unfortunately, I need to report that my experiment with Harry’s was a dismal failure. I started shaving the top of my head and immediately nicked myself. After multiple strokes I still wasn’t able to get the razor to conform to the shape of my head well enough to actually take off a swath of stubble, leaving me with awkward lines of stubble similar to a poorly mowed lawn.

The nick isn’t as big a deal to me, as that can happen, and I might have just been holding it wrong. The biggest issue is that the shape of the Harry’s blades don’t work well for my head. They had no flexibility in them, and simply weren’t shaped correctly to match the shape of my skull. I tried using the Harry’s razor on the side and back of my head, but again I was met with limited success.

About half-way through my shaving I literally had to abandon the Harry’s razor and reach for my Gillette. I simply could not get a decent head shave with Harry’s. I did try to use Harry’s on my neck, but even there I was disappointed in the results, although it was much more passable than on my head.

My search for a cheaper razor alternative seems to have met with a failure. I’ll still keep an eye on the market and see if there are any other products out there that can perform better.


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