Sunday Sales defeated again

Listened to the debate and vote today about Sunday Sales while I worked. Once again Minnesota is stuck looking like a State full of fools. This is especially true when you combine this discussion with the idiocy that is the soccer stadium debate (THEY’RE PAYING FOR THE WHOLE THING YOU IDIOTS!). It’s one of those moments where you wonder if you should just give up trying. We can all just move to Denver where they have Sunday Sales, beautiful natural environments, an MLS soccer team, and heck, legal pot if you’re into that sort of thing.

Thirty-eight other states have figured out how to sell liquor on Sundays. Thousands of small businesses, including mom and pop operations have figured out how to deal with a 7 day work week. Or maybe there’s a different solution. If some people can’t work on Sundays then no one should. That would only be fair right? Next year maybe I’ll support #NoWorkSundays instead of getting excited that Minnesota might finally pull itself out of the 1930s.



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