DC Convergence

I’ve been a DC comic fan for a large portion of my teenage and adult life. After college I stopped collecting, just because I had other stuff going on like young kids etc.,. Now that my kids are older, and comics are digital I’ve gotten back into the habit of reading some of my favorite books. In particular I’ve always been a huge fan of Green Lantern. Over the course of time that I’ve been reading the Green Lantern series there have been many twists and turns, and I still remember being unsure if I really liked it when they removed Hal Jordan from the mix.

One of the more recent developments from a few years ago was the introduction of the ’emotional spectrum’. In the Green Lantern world the color green always signified the notion of ‘willpower’. The arch enemy of the Green Lanterns was Sinestro who wielded a yellow right, which stood for ‘fear’. Back in 2005 DC decided to shake up the universe and introduce an entire rainbow of colors and it created a whole new mythology in the Green Lantern saga.

The colors and emotions are rage (red), avarice (orange), fear (yellow), willpower (green), hope (blue), compassion (indigo), love (violet) as well as death (black) and life (white). Each of these colors developed into their own corps of light wielders who act according to their various emotional states. The colors didn’t all receive their own comic book series, but they move between the various books in the Green Lantern universe.

Next month DC is going to be shaking things up again with their Convergence event. It means that some of the books are coming to an end, including New Guardians and Green Lantern Corps. The past couple issues have been the final issues of those series, and it’s been cool to see how they’ve wrapped up the stories for many of these characters. Next week launches the final Red Lantern book which has been featuring Guy Gardner, a former Green Lantern who was assigned to infiltrate the Red Lanterns, and discovered that he actually was a better fit as their leader. I’ve always thought Guy would make a good Red Lantern and so i was really happy to see that title take that direction. However, with it ending next week, I’m just hoping for a nice ending for Guy and that he gets to keep being who he is meant to be.

Here’s hoping that the next couple months reveal a cool new DC world and that the titles that get launched are as enjoyable as the ones that I’ve enjoyed.


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