Las Vegas 2015 – Day 1

Today started bright and early with arriving at the airport by 7am to catch our flight to Vegas to visit my wife’s family. Although I had been nervous for a while about flying I managed to feel pretty good this morning. I also took a little white pill to help calm me down during the flight, though it was such a low dose I can’t say whether it had a huge effect or not.

The advantage to flying this direction is that we gained a couple hours, and were in Vegas by 9:30am local time. This meant that we had a full day to spend with family and explore. After visiting for a bit we did decide to take a bit of a rest, after a short walk to stretch our legs. We lounged around in bed and around the pool for a while before all heading out to our evening’s activities.

IMG_3210The first stop of the evening was the Ethel M chocolate factory where they make a lot of fine chocolates, as well as produce M&M candies. We got to see the production line working and picked up some chocolates to snack on in the car. Attached to the factory, interestingly, is a cactus garden that was filled to the brim with dozens of different cacti and succulent plants. We spent a while walking around this garden and enjoying the different scenery and wildlife than we are used to at home.

Once we finished our stop at the factory, we headed into town to do Freemont Street. We parked on the east end of Freemont Street and I immediately noticed my first stop of the night, Banger Brewing. My wife, brother-in-law and his girlfriend pulled up to the bar and ordered a flight of all eight of their beers, and shared them amongst each other. Overall the quality of the brews was average to above average, with a couple really nice standout beers. One of the most unique being a jalapeno hefe that wasn’t spicy but was filled with jalapeno essence and flavor. It was quite delightful.

IMG_3221At Banger the bartender told us about another brewery up the street called Chicago Brewing, which was one of their satellite locations inside the Four Queens casino. We again got a flight (this time of 9 items) and split them between each other. Again, the beers were all good quality with a couple stand-outs that I could see ordering a full pint of.

The evening concluded with hitting a couple slots and eating dinner on an outside patio. It’s been a long day and sleep is calling. Tomorrow morning starts early with a long run on the other side of town in Red Rock Canyon.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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