The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water quick review

Today my oldest (teen-aged) son and I decided to go to a movie. The sad state of affairs when it came to movie choices made us decide to go nostalgic, choosing to watch the new SpongeBob movie.

First, let me say that this movie was a classic SpongeBob story all the way. It had all the major characters, and revolved around the longstanding feud between Mr. Krabs and Plankton over the Krabby Patty formula. The writing was crisp and had lots of traditional SpongeBob jokes and humor. So overall we had a great time and it was an enjoyable experience.

One of the things that concerned us when we first saw previews for the movie was the scenes where SpongeBob and his friends were transported into real life. I’m happy to say that the real life segment was not very long, and was executed rather well. The CGI during the real world scenes was solid, and SpongeBob and his friends were transformed into pretty realistic representations of what cartoon characters would look like in our world.

The rest of the movie was mostly animated, and was really well done. Neither of us noticed any particular visual flaws, and it felt like you were watching a classic SpongeBob TV episode. This is probably why we enjoyed this movie as much as we did. It was a classic SpongeBob story, simply bigger. So if you have kids that like SpongeBob, or you just want to spend an afternoon reliving Nickelodeon fun, I’d recommend a weekend matinee with a sponge out of water.

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