General, Write-a-palooza 2017

Watching Brooklyn 99

My wife is much more versed in the world of modern TV shows, and so many times she sees shows long before I do. One of them that she’s really enjoyed lately has been Brooklyn 99. She’s been encouraging me to watch it, and since she was right about Parks & Rec, I decided to […]

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Roku Streaming Stick

Last weekend I decided to move an older TV up from our basement to our bedroom and put a Roku Streaming Stick on it. We weren’t really using it downstairs, and with the addition of a Roku, I could turn it into something much more useful for how we watch entertainment. I decided to do […]

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What to watch next

I’m a conflicted person when it comes to TV and movies. I enjoy many TV shows, and enjoy a great many movies. However, I have a hard time sitting down and actually watching them. Often when confronted with a TV series I want to watch, I find myself waffling between wanting to watch it, and […]

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