The August slump

One of the great truths about summer in Minnesota is that it ends all too soon. The month of August is winding down and that means that school will be back in session before we know it. The Minnesota State Fair kicks off the final hurrah of summer with a two week celebration, ending on Labor Day (cheese curds!!). We Minnesotans love our final days of summer so much, we even have a State law that schools cannot start before Labor Day without special exemption. We know that soon winter will be here, and we need to suck every last drop of enjoyment out of our final month of summer.

It is apparent at work as well. These final weeks of August are like a ghost town as people squeeze in last minute vacations. It often means that very little gets done during these final weeks of the summer while we just try to keep everything running smoothly. We even institute freezes on changes to make sure we don’t break anything.

Soon everything will change. Kids will be back in school. The morning commute will contain school buses, and even more traffic. Vacations will be further apart, and things will seem to take on an air of normalcy. Well, at least until we get to Christmas…

Seasons are changing

This morning as I went out for a run I realized how dark it had gotten at 5am again. It’s a sign that there is less of Summer left than what we’ve already been through. This afternoon as I walked from coffee I noticed this purple flower and how it was half alive, and half past bloom. It made me think about how summer will soon be a memory, despite the fact that we can’t imagine what low humidity feels like right now.