A short North Shore trip

I love the north shore of Lake Superior, and given that it’s been a rough few weeks in the Twin Cities, I was looking forward to getting away for a weekend. For those that aren’t familiar with the area the North Shore is the coastline of Lake Superior that extends from Duluth, Minnesota to the […]

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Some north shore photography

I haven’t done a pure photo post in a while, so I decided now’s a good time. I was on my way back from volunteering at the Spring Superior Trail races and decided to hit a few cool spots along the way. Particularly, Gooseberry Falls. I put an album up over on my SmugMug. Enjoy! […]

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Fall Superior Trail Races 2018

Coming back to reality after a big trail race is a struggle. My social media feeds are filled with people talking about their post-Superior hangover. As I sit here typing this, I too am feeling sad, longing to be back among the hills, woods, and trail family that I adore. I’ve long since learned that […]

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My first attempt at a cairn

This week I’m up on the North Shore of Lake Superior with the wife while she takes a class. My days are filled with working still, but in the evenings I’m trying to get out and about and enjoy a beautiful place. The other night I went down to the beach and after snapping  few […]

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