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The air is getting cooler

We’ve entered the time in Minnesota where our daily temperature swings get wider and wider. We’re starting most mornings with cool 50-60 (F) degree temps, despite also reaching the low 80s still in the afternoon. The sun is getting lower in the sky, meaning that we’re getting less warm sunlight every day. The mornings are […]

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Blog-o-rama 2016, General

A fall morning

I pulled my plaid over-shirt out of the front closet, checked to make sure it was clean, and slipped it on. It’s a size “L”, and the sleeves puff out a bit on my shorter torso. The weather app reads 52 degrees. I stepped outside into the brisk air, pulling the shirt buttons closed. The […]

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Create-a-thon 2015, General

Early fall

Despite some really hot and humid days recently, the past two weeks has found the weather in Minnesota turning downright Autumn. It seems that cooler temps are becoming the norm, weeks before we’re normally used to getting them. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, after all, the running in heat and humidity of the summer […]

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