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TV Review: The Boys

A couple of months ago my wife suggested we watch through the new Amazon series, The Boys. Last month we finally sat down and did just that. This series is based on a comic book series that run in the early 2000’s to a lot of critical acclaim. I had never read the books, but […]

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Big comic changes

The comic book world was buzzing this week about two big story changes that happened between the Marvel and DC universe. I’m going to talk directly about both of these changes, so if you’re a comic book nerd, and don’t want things spoiled, turn away now and go read either one of these books. If […]

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Men in tights

Despite the title above also referring to running clothing, today’s post is more geeky in nature. Last night the wife and I sat down and watched the first episode of the new Agent Carter TV show. For the most part we enjoyed what we saw, and will probably watch more of it as time goes on. […]

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