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Smartphone Mid-range war

This week at Google I/O, they announced a new phone that has been taking the tech press by storm, the Pixel 3a (and 3a XL). This pared down version of the Google flagship Pixel 3 is priced starting at $400, which is half the (list) price of the Pixel 3. The 3a cuts out a […]

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Rural cell coverage

When I switched to T-Mobile a few years ago for my cell phone service, I wasn’t too worried about coverage. Around the cities they’re pretty much as good as anyone else. However, the first time we took a trip out of town we realized how woefully inadequate they are in rural areas. Time has marched […]

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Moto E quick thoughts

My wife was having issues with the amount of storage on her LG Android phone, so I started keeping my eye out for a replacement. Last week Motorola announced the 2nd Generation Moto E, and I snatched it up as soon as the story hit. We’ve had Motorola phones before, including the Razr M, which […]

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