The Journey to Tubeless

Last winter I decided to try going tubeless on my fat bike, and had mixed results. I knew that the tires I was using were older and probably not ideal for the use, and there’s other complications that come with fat tire tubeless setups. It was a good experience though, and made me decide that […]

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Some bike musings

Back in 2011 I decided to invest in a decent bike, and got myself a Trek FX 7.2. This is a hybrid or fitness style bike that has flat handlebars, a 3x front chainring, and decent but basic components. In the past 8 years I’ve put almost 3,700 miles on that bike. I’ve been increasing […]

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Gear Review: Curt Clamp-On Bike Rack

Every since getting my pop-up trailer, I’ve had one niggling issue. I have no where to attach my bikes for traveling. My primary bike rack is a Yakima HoldUp, which is a great way to transport bikes. However, with the secondary receiver hitch that I purchased, it sticks out too far, and would impact the […]

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