Fitness week recap – 11/4/2019

Week Starting 11/4/2019
13.7 miles
 13.4 miles
87,609 (42.91 miles –  29.21 walking)

Impression: Low mileage week. Was at a conference for a couple days which disrupted my routine, so I wasn’t even biking as much. Plus, my beer and bikes group did a volunteer event that we drove too, so I didn’t have that ride either. Hopefully, next week will be more of a return to normal.

Fitness week recap – 10/28/2019

Week Starting 10/28/2019
25.2 miles
 50.5 miles
98,266 (48.82 miles –  23.62 walking)

Impression: Got back to normal this week with a decent amount of running and biking. Had a couple nice rides this week including my Beer & Bikes ride, as well as an impromptu ride to work on Thursday when I got to the train station 11 minutes early. I also brought my bike on the train with me on Monday to take it to my allergy shot in the afternoon. I feel like I’m getting this bike commuting down pretty well. However, I had to leave the bike at the shop on Thursday because of a freezing brake line. They’re fixing that, as well as a warranty issue with the rear axel. Just means I didn’t have my Vaya over the weekend.

On the running front I got out with my wife a few times, but then on Saturday I stuck with the fast people and did a 10 mile run at Elm Creek, faster then I normally ever run there. Our moving pace was ~10:30 which is fast for me on dirt trails. It felt good to open up a bit, and that was the longest run I had done since Savage 100. I got pretty wiped by the end, but our fastest miles were also mile 8 and 10, so I guess I had good reason.

Feeling like I’m back to having a good base, but I need to find a good leg massage. I feel like my calves still could use some professional work.

Movie Review: Spider-Man Far From Home

We finally got around to watching the latest Marvel movie Sunday night, Spider-Man Far From Home. With the conclusion of Avengers, this movie slipped under my radar to see in theaters, but last week my wife reminded me that we still hadn’t seen it. As luck would have it, it was available for rental now.

Let’s get this out of the way… SPOILERS BELOW

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Fitness week recap – 10/21/2019

Week Starting 10/21/2019
6.0 miles
 36.8 miles
Steps: 57,383
 (28.81 miles –  22.81 walking)

Impression: RECOVERY WEEK! Yep, not much to report on the running front. I managed a couple of 3 mile runs, and am pleased to say the legs are feeling pretty decent. Couple areas where things are tighter than I’d like them to be, but overall, pretty much back to normal. Running felt mostly OK too. My first run back I was able to knock out 3 miles in my standard pace.

I did up my biking mileage this week with a couple days with 12-14 miles of riding in them. The summer riding season is winding down so soon (once the snow flies) it will be fat bike, all the time. I got the fat bike all tuned up, and a few things repaired, and took it out for a spin tonight. Worked great and can’t wait to get some snow to plow it through.