Audio Diary: Running in warm weather

It’s been forever since I did an audio diary, so today on the drive home I recorded my thoughts on running through the transition to warmer weather. At one point I got interrupted, so if I sounded confused for a moment that’s why!

Embed and SoundCloud below

The good old days of takin’ pics

For today’s creation I have another audio diary. This one has much better audio in my opinion. I recorded this while driving, and considered taking out the background noise of the car, but after listening to it, I decided to leave it in. I think it gives it a nice raw quality.

The topic is photography, and some ramblings about how it used to be, in the good old days.

Also trying a SoundCloud version this week as an option as well:


  • Current DSLR is a Pentax K100D, and I usually shoot with a Sigma 18-50mm, 3.5-5.6 lens.
  • My original SLR was a Minolta X370 with a Sigma 35-70 lens that I loved until it broke because of my carelessness with a tripod.

First attempt at some audio

For today’s creation, I decided to do an audio diary, within which I muse on what tools to use to host audio diaries. How meta is that, eh?

Major apologies for all of the wind noise and breath artifacts. I need to learn where not to hold my phone when recording.

Music in the intro is from the album Six by Six by Michael Miles, which is an amazing album. Go buy it: iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby 

(Audio Diary January 3rd, 2015)