Quick Review: Captain Marvel

For my son’s birthday we decided to take in a movie. Captain Marvel just came out and so it seemed like a great option. I’m happy to report that we weren’t disappointed.

I’ll keep this review spoiler free as best I can, but I do need to comment on a few things that I really enjoyed. Right off the bat I have to comment on the setting. This movie is set in the 1990’s and they captured the era amazingly. At one point I actually asked myself the question, “Where in the world did they find so many mid-90’s cars that are still operable!” It was this attention to detail that added a huge amount of charm to the overall story.

I also really appreciated that there was a bit of humor in this film. It was really successful in movies like Ant Man, and Thor: Ragnarok, and it helped to keep the characters more believable in Captain Marvel. After all, we’re expected to accept that we’re seeing Nick Fury and SHIELD in it’s early days and that we’re not supposed to know anything about him yet. It was fun to actually get re-introduced to the character and fill in a lot of back-story.

The visuals were top notch as usual, and the story was as fun as the best Marvel movies. Brie Larson does a great job as Captain Marvel, and was an excellent choice for the role. She has a toughness to her personality that is offset by a bit of roguish charm. It makes her believable and entertaining.

I’d recommend going to see this in the theaters and seeing it on the big screen. As with most comic book movies, the visuals are worth seeing on a big screen. Captain Marvel is a fun ride, and I’m anxious for everything to tie together in Avengers: Endgame.


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