Hitting 1000 early

This year my running has been in a new place. I’m feeling strong, I’m logging miles, and I’m avoiding injury. My attitude is completely different, and I’m finding joy in running that I hadn’t had for many years. As a part of all of this, I’m reaching goals a lot sooner than in previous years. In fact, today was the day that I hit 1000 miles for the year.


This is 53 days sooner than 2016, and 95 days sooner than 2015. In fact, veloviewer is predicting that I’ll be hitting a new all time mileage goal by the end of the year, close to 1500-1600 miles. I’m sure I’ll slow a bit towards the end of the year as holidays and winter weather take hold, but so far this is looking like my best year yet.

I realize that 1000 miles is just an arbitrary number, but it’s awesome to see that number hit four digits.