The power of a connected world

Last weekend the wife and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Decorah, IA. We had a podcast from Ten Junk Miles to listen to and it was 5 hours long. I’ll tell the story of the trip in the next few posts on the blog, but what I wanted to share today is a quick story about how connected our world has become.

As we’re listening to this particular podcast, the host, Scott Kummer, talked about a product that he uses on his feet during long ultras. He’s not sponsored by them, but really believes in the product. It’s called Trail Toes, and he explained that it was a silicone based and waterproof product that helps protect your feet when out on the trails. My wife Lisa has always struggled with her feet and blisters, and so things like Injinji socks are her best friends.

When she heard about this product on the podcast she pulled out her phone and did a quick Amazon search. Sure enough they sold it, and it was available for delivery 2 days later. A few clicks later and it was on its way.

This was in the middle of rural Minnesota…

…on a cell phone,…

…while listening to a podcast on another cell phone,…

…about a product in Texas, that on Monday would be delivered to our door in Minnesota.

When you pause a moment and realize just how insane that really is, it’s mind blowing. It’s not just technology, it’s connectedness, and the ability to interact with people and places thousands of miles away from us with a flick of a finger on a glass screen.

I work in technology, and I have my whole career. I’ve been a tech geek for almost my entire life, even back to the old BBS days. Sometimes though, it smacks you in the face how incredibly connected our world has become. Thanks to this connected world, my wife will (hopefully) have another advantage as she heads towards a very wet and rainy first Zumbro 50 mile race this upcoming weekend.