So that time I forgot my car…

Wednesday was a busy day for me at work, and I was going to be all over the cities, so I decided to take public transit. This starts with me driving over to the train station to take our commuter rail into downtown Minneapolis. The train station is about a mile and a half from my house, so despite my propensity to run long distances, I usually drive to it before work. From there I went to my Minneapolis office and went through my morning meetings.

Once I was done with those I headed to downtown Saint Paul on the light rail, where I had to catch a ride to a different office that wasn’t on any transit lines. When my boss and I got back to my office in Saint Paul I settled in for a bit since the plan was to meet my wife at a brewery in downtown after work. From there she’d pick me up and we’d have dinner and so on before heading back home.

We finished dinner, grabbed some ice cream for dessert and then pulled up to our house. Since it had snowed I opened the garage door so we could grab the shovels and clear the driveway before pulling my wife’s car in. About half way through shoveling I looked over at the empty garage and said, “Oh…. my car is still at the train station.”

Needless to say my wife laughed. And then proceeded to help me finish shoveling and drove me to my car. I guess there’s a moral here about public transit in the suburbs where you have to drive to park-n-rides, but either way, it’s a fun little story. Not unlike one where my wife forgot her car for an entire weekend, but that’s a story for a different time.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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