The Great Minnesota Cooldown

Monday morning when I woke up it was 50 degrees. On December 4th. In Minnesota.

This is simply unacceptable, and thankfully the weather gods have heard our pleas. Overnight, into Tuesday morning, it is predicted to drop over 20 degrees in temperature, drop an inch of snow, and stay frigid cold all week long. This is the Minnesota December I’m used to!

I’m getting really annoyed with climate change and what it’s doing to my home. Snow on Christmas is going to get rarer and rarer. If we’re lucky we’ll get some nice -10 degree days to kill parasites that were never meant to survive the winter, but it’s not like it was years ago.

The worst part about it all is that our best hope is simply to stall climate change. There’s no way that Minnesota will be going back to what it used to be. At least not in my lifetime, or the lifetimes of my children and grandchildren. We’ve made some massive changes to our world, and now we’re paying the price.