Logitech MX Anywhere 2

For years I’ve been a pretty devoted user of the Logitech wireless mice that have the little USB dongle to connect them via their proprietary wireless protocol. It’s always felt easier than Bluetooth to work with, and the battery life was solid. However, times have changed. My Macbook only has a USB-C connector, which means that I can’t use the Logitech solution at all. Yes, I could carry around a big dongle that would allow me to charge and use a mouse at the same time, but that’s silly.

Therefore, it’s back to Bluetooth for me. Thankfully the technology has gotten a lot better, making it a much nicer experience to work with. I had an old Magic Mouse lying around, and that functions OK as a Bluetooth mouse, but the form factor is less than desirable. Earlier this week I headed up to Best Buy to see what Logitech had for Bluetooth mice, and came away with a winner that I really like.

The MX Anywhere 2 is a mid-range mouse that has a couple of distinct features. First, it can pair via either Bluetooth, or Logitech’s dongle. Second, it can pair with up to three devices, and you can switch devices using a little button on the bottom of the mouse. This is a really cool feature and can help declutter my desk. I’m not 100% sure I’ll switch to just one mouse for both, but I might.

In terms of feel and function the MX Anywhere 2 has nice ergonomics, although I could have used just a bit more heft under the palm. The side buttons are well placed and easy to work with. The scroll wheel is nice and smooth and the standard buttons respond as expected. Perhaps the only downside is that you must charge it via USB. No replaceable batteries in this one. The construction feels solid, and not cheap in any way. Overall, a very solid little accessory and a great mouse to use. I’m looking forward to many years of use, similar to all of my other Logitech mice.


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