Checking buns

After a few days of really heavy posts, I’m going to keep it light today with a funny story. The other night the wife and I crawled into bed and were talking before we went to sleep. The following day we were having all the kids over for our Monday night cookout, and one of us brought up the question, “Do we have enough buns?”

Needless to say this led to some silly adolescent giggling about the euphemism “buns”. Despite being well into middle-age it was fun to be silly and stupid together for a while. However, eventually, I realized I was so wide awake I might as well get up and check the buns. So I did just that. I got out of bed, walked into the kitchen, and checked the buns.

It was good that I did. We only had three hot dog buns left, and the hamburger buns were expired. Of course, the fact that I got up, and out of bed, to “check the buns” led to much more giggling. Overall, a fun way to go to bed and forget about the silly world that awaited us the next day.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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