Allergies and Voltron

It’s not often that I have a really bad allergy day, but Wednesday this week was one of them. I had a horrible night of sleep and woke up feeling like crap. I tried working from home a bit but gave up and went back to bed. I hate allergies because there’s so little that you can do for them. My eyes are watering and my head is clouded.

So I spent my day with Netflix, watching a remake of a show that I loved as a kid, Voltron Legendary Defender. As a kid I watched Voltron every afternoon after school and loved it. I watched a little bit of the vehicle version, but I was always more of a fan of the Lion Voltron. The new remake of the show is done well, and feels a lot like the original. It’s simple and childlike, but fun. They’ve merged a few of the ideas of the original two series.

There are five pilots who take control of the five lions of Voltron. They have to learn to work together to bring Voltron together into a giant defender of the universe. Unlike the original series, the castle is actually a spaceship, allowing them to travel around the galaxy fighting Zarkon. This spaceship notion is similar to the original vehicle Voltron series.

It’s not quite as compelling as the Avatar series, but it’s fun and distracting.  However, it’s the perfect remedy for a day stuck at home feeling miserable.