The Google Pixel phone is amazing

I realize that dozens of articles of this have been written, but I wanted to share a few shots to emphasize the point. The Google Pixel has one of the most amazing cameras and software on it I’ve ever seen. I actually don’t own this phone, but my wife does. She comes home from hikes with shots that are absolutely incredible.

IMG_1126.jpgThe panorama at the top of this post is from multiple photos that she took as a storm approached. I stitched them together in Lightroom and we ended up creating a mounted print for our living room from this image. Perhaps a post for another time, but Artmill does amazing work at mounting photos.

One of the incredible things about the Pixel phone is how far you can crop an image in and still maintain incredible definition. Below are two shots, one cropped and the other full frame.

A spider waiting for his next kill…
IMG_20170715_134345 (1).jpg
…with arms wide open.

The fact that you can achieve that much definition is amazing.

Here’s a couple more shots to show off the camera. If you only could have one phone with you on a hike, and no camera, pick the Pixel. Yes, an Apple die-hard like myself just said that.




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