Review: Wonder Woman

I’ve been a fan of the DC Comic universe since I was a kid. I’ve been a follower of the Green Lantern series since the late 80s/early 90s, and was a huge fan of Superfriends as a kid (cringe). However, the cinematic universe that DC has put up to compete with Marvel has been somewhat lackluster. Some of the films have been decent, but none of them has really been a great movie.

In particular I was very disappointed with Superman v Batman, particularly with how the ending of the movie played out. I felt like it was poor storycraft and really detracted from so many other cool things that they could do with the characters. That means that every new film that comes out in the DC Universe becomes the one film that “maybe” will save the franchise. I know DC is making tons of money, so I’m not worried about saving the franchise from a financial standpoint, but more from a world-building perspective.

Before I go any further.. SPOILER ALERT I will be talking about plot points after the break! Continue reading “Review: Wonder Woman”