A bread update

I’m baking a couple of simple loaves of white bread tonight, one of which will go with me to a retreat I’m attending this weekend. I’ve never attempted to get one of these done on a weeknight, so I was a bit concerned if I could actually get it done without going crazy. However, I’m discovering that the more I do this, the easier it is each and every time. I know what the dough is supposed to feel like, and I think I finally have the flour content dialed in correctly (we’ll find out when we cut into it I guess).

It’s kinda cool to think that just a few months ago I was trying this with trepidation, and now I’m feeling very confident in what I’m doing. I’m sure that means that soon I’ll completely fail at a batch, but I will hopefully be able to treat it as a learning experience. Thankfully I have a very forgiving family. Even my youngest son tonight was wondering when the bread would be available for toasting.