Another cinnamon bread success

This past Sunday we started up our new RPG campaign, and I spent the morning baking up some of the cinnamon bread that we liked before. I was feeling pretty confident this time and had it all mixed up pretty quick. One thing I’ve noticed about this recipe is that it needs a bit more flour than 3.5 cups. I’ve been doing more like 4-4.5 to get it to not be quite as sticky.

The other thing different that I did with this batch is to divide it into two different loaf pans, instead of a single one. The last time it overflowed the single loaf pan, and made it hard to slice with such a large head on it. When rolling it out this time I made it very, very thin and then divided it into two sections. I sprinkled on the cinnamon sugar mixture and rolled each half up tight. I ended up with two rolls that didn’t quite fill up either pan, but that wasn’t a huge concern.


When they came out of the oven they looked perfect, and when I sliced into them they had this beautiful tight spiral of cinnamon. My wife made up some icing and they tasted like hearty cinnamon rolls. They were a huge hit at the RPG party, and everyone had a couple slices. I will be making these again for our family Christmas time, that’s for sure.