Election night!

As I write this the election is winding down, and hopefully… yes hopefully… we will all know who the next president of the United State is before I head to bed tonight. I wanted to take a moment though and just talk a bit about what this whole election really means for the future.

Despite which candidate wins, we still are a divided nation. This election, more than any other, brought out how tremendously separated we are as a people. To me, the issue was never Donald Trump. He’s a loud-mouthed businessman and entertainer. His job is to entertain people and make money while doing it. Even John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight even encouraged him to run for president because it would be funny.

The real problem with Donald Trump isn’t Trump himself. It’s the fact that so many people who have hate in their hearts have come out to support him. He’s found a way to rile up the most bigoted and hateful people in the country, and make them feel like their hatred was justified and “right”. In fact, most of the momentum that his campaign has is due to his ability to make people hate Hillary Clinton. I worry about our country when there are so many people who can so easily be incited to blind hatred, when most of them don’t even take the time to understand any of the issues, no matter where you stand politically.

So tonight will be a night of beer and wine, and hopeful meditation that with tomorrow we will be able to get past our hatred and learn to be a caring society again. I write this, not knowing the outcome, but I hope that tomorrow’s blog will be written in a world of relative peace.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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