Some Twin City Marathon cheering

I had a bunch of friends running Twin Cities Marathon, and since I wasn’t running it, I decided to head down and bike around the course cheering them on. I dropped my wife off at an aid station where she was doing a bit of volunteering, and then headed backwards on the course until I caught up to my friend Michael. Along the way I saw a ton of other folks as well and gave them some encouragement.

img_5153I then biked the course forward, pausing at certain points to cheer my friend on. I got a lot of pics of him running, and was able to encourage him as we went. It was a great time, and I loved seeing all the people out to cheer on the runners.

At one stop I had enough time to visit the river bluffs. The bluffs are an amazingly cool place to explore and get a closer look at the river. Since it’s fall the leaves were an amazing color, and beautiful to look at. Overall, it was a great day to be outside and cheering on runners doing amazing things.