Life in the ordinary

Today was one of those regular old days where not much happened that’s worth writing about. The morning started well, and there were only a few speed-bumps throughout the workday. The evening was a soccer game with the wife, and then off to bed (with allergies bugging me). My first reaction is that after having come through so much change in the past few years, days like today are odd to experience.

But, when I think about it more, there are in fact many days like today, where little of significance happens. For some reason I’m noticing it more today. Maybe I’m on edge, waiting for something to drop on us. Or perhaps it’s that today was routine, after so many days of oddity that set it apart. Really though, it feels like it’s starting to inch towards winter.

These ordinary days seem to happen more during the cold months of the year, when venturing outside is a real journey. In the summertime in Minnesota we tend to cram as much as we can into the warmer months of the year because we know that soon the cold will slow the world down. Yet, it’s still in the 80’s outside, and the sun is warm and bright. I guess there’s nothing wrong with an ordinary day in summer. There should be nothing wrong with a moment to take a breath and reflect on what is to come next.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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