Nostalgic punk

In college and high school I enjoyed a lot of alternative music, including some of the more popular punk bands. One of the bigger bands during my college, and post-college, years was Blink 182. They’ve had spotty recording since the 90s with band breakups (and reformations) and other tragedies, but just this year they came out with a new album (California). I put the album on my Google Play the other day and have been listening to it in the car.

It’s been a great listen as it evokes a lot of memories of a decade ago. They’ve maintained a connection to their style from the 90’s and it makes the entire album very approachable if you’ve been a fan in the past. Many of the songs have the same vibe and feel as the past, but they’re also fresh and new sounding. The recording sounds cleaner to me, and the change in vocalists (although really similar) makes it just different enough to feel like something you haven’t heard before, but still feel comfortable.

I’m looking forward to hearing the album on repeat a few more times to reconnect myself with a great style of music.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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